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Re: Need to understand GDB internals .

On Sun, 2009-08-23 at 03:07 +0530, Diptopal Basu wrote:
> Hi Jeremy ,
>   I have started going through the GDB internals manual ,I cant't say
> I understand much of it , perhaps I need to go through the code also
> simultaneously .

Hi Diptopal,

Definitely. It's an aid to understanding the code, not a standalone
tutorial. It is not complete, nor is it all up to date. Once you
understand an area, you may like to contribute patches to improve the
manual for future readers.

>    I will give you an instance of where I am getting stuck , take for
> example the Breakpoints chapter , it gives an overview of the
> breakpoints implementation but does not really describe the exact
> algorithm but refers to the files which contain the code, I think I
> have to get into the code to understand this . I need to understand
> how GDB works conceptually  . Could you suggest me a starting point
> please , the GDB internals manual does not seem have enough
> information .

The Embecosm application notes try to provide some of this. Partly by
putting individual routines in a bigger context, and partly by
explaining "why" as well as "how" things happen. But they only touch the
surface. They should help you understand the internals manual better,
but they don't replace it.

>     Once I get a hang of what GDB is doing I could move forward to the
> other materials you have referred me to in one of your previous
> mails .

You may like to look at the Embecosm Application Note 3 early on, to
help you understand the GDB internals manual.



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