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Re: Fwd: Need to understand GDB internals .

On Sat, 2009-08-29 at 14:07 +0530, Diptopal Basu wrote:

>      I need information on gdbserver internals too , as I am
> interested in remote debugging on an ARM 9 based board  , please let
> me know where I can find that information .
>     Thanks again for the GDB internals information you provided .

Hi Diptopal,

I've never actually used gdbserver (most of my work is with small bare
metal targets too small to support it). There is some documentation
within the main GDB manual. My application note on Remote Serial
Protocol should help you with the side that interfaces to the GDB

Other than that, it's study the code (in the gdb/gdbserver directory) -
lots of example targets there. Plus there's many people on this mailing
list and the GDB IRC channel who understand the program and can help you
with detailed specifics.

Once you understand all about it, you could update the GDB Internals
manual with some more documentation...



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