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Re: GDB MI Interface

On Sun, Apr 13, 2008 at 3:05 PM, Nick Roberts <> wrote:
>  >
>   >
>   > This library provides all the function that one may need to start gdb,
>   > interact with it (seeting breakpoints, watchpoints, run, stop, step
>   > etc.) and parse the output. A good tool for someone planning to use
>   > GDB MI.
>  It appears that the last release was 2004-07-20 and that there is no mailing
>  list.  I don't recall the author being active on this list.  MI is still
>  evolving so I suggest that if you are are going to use this library that you
>  follow events here and share your experiences.

I wonder if it would be useful to add something like this to the GDB
tree.  Maybe not this specific implementation, but something with the
same purpose.  Put a python wrapper on it and ... cool.  OTOH, it'd be
sort of like the new python scripting support but inverted (python
<--> gdb instead of gdb <--> python, if that makes any sense).

Is it lamentable that we have both gdbmi and (soon) a real scripting
interface with no real commonality?  Just thinking out loud ... I
don't have an answer.

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