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Re: repo to work on python scripting support

Hi everybody,

My turn at the status update. :-)

I did the OO rewrite for the frames support, it has a few useful methods
already (equals, is_inner_than, get_name, get_pc, get_prev, get_next,
find_sal). You can also call gdb.frames(), which will return a tuple
containing all frames in the stack (or throw an exception if there's a
problem with the unwinding).

I also exposed a little bit of struct symtab and struct symtab_and_line
(which is returned by Frame.find_sal), just enough to be able to
implement a mostly complete backtrace command in Python (it's only
missing ability to print function arguments, which I plan to work on

Regarding the values work that Tromey mentioned, I didn't add
functionality to the code that Volodya implemented, just converted it to
OO form and worked on lifetime of struct value vs lifetime of Python
Value object (I believe I is correct now).

Here's the Python implementation of an "rbt" command which prints the
backtrace in reverse (or right :-P) order:

import sys

def gdb_rbacktrace ():
  frames = gdb.frames ()
  for i in reversed (range (len (frames))):
    sal = frames[i].find_sal ()
    pc = frames[i].get_pc ()

    sys.stdout.write ("#%-2d" % i)
    if pc != sal.get_pc () or not sal.symtab:
      sys.stdout.write (" 0x%08x in" % pc)
    sys.stdout.write (" " + frames[i].get_name ())
    if sal.symtab and sal.symtab.get_filename ():
      sys.stdout.write (" at " + sal.symtab.get_filename ())
      sys.stdout.write (":" + str (sal.get_line ()))
    if not frames[i].get_name () or (not sal.symtab or not
sal.symtab.get_filename ()):
       lib = gdb.solib_address (pc)
       if lib:
         sys.stdout.write (" from " + lib)
    sys.stdout.write ("\n")

define rbt
python gdb_rbacktrace ()

Here's sample output:

(gdb) rbt
#2  0x080483bb in main at ../../src/examples/funcs.c:15
#1  0x08048391 in f1 at ../../src/examples/funcs.c:10
#0  f2 at ../../src/examples/funcs.c:5
Thiago Jung Bauermann
Software Engineer
IBM Linux Technology Center

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