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Re: repo to work on python scripting support

>>>>> "Thiago" == Thiago Jung Bauermann <> writes:

Thiago> My turn at the status update. :-)

Thanks for sending this.  Funnily enough I was just thinking about
asking you to write up an example :)

I've been thinking... maybe we do want $(...) to allow things other
than Python commands.  Or, more precisely, maybe we want to let Python
code register a function by name for use in $(...).  The Python
function would get the uninterpreted string argument for processing.

My reason is that after playing a bit, I'm not over-fond of the
verboseness and extra quoting required by the Python bits.  It is more
gdb-ish, I think, not to do this.

Any opinions?

The canonical example is a function to match the calling function at a
breakpoint.  gdb-ish:

    break inner if $(caller-is outer)


    break inner if $(gdb.caller_is ('outer'))

BTW other suggestions for fun demos are not only accepted, they are
actually helpful.  I tend to drive my gdb-python hacking by picking
target functionality.  My last hack was making it so I could override
the (barely useful IMO) 'edit' command to instead emit an annotation
that Emacs will pick up :-)


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