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Re: basic gdb usage question

> From: Matt Funk <>
> Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2007 10:13:37 -0600
> > > I thought
> > > about setting two breakpoints but that would not do what i need it to do.
> >
> > Why not?  You could set the second breakpoint from the commands
> > defined for the first breakpoint.  Would this do what you want?
> Not sure what you mean by 'setting a breakpoint from the commands
> defined for the first breakpoint' to be honest. Can you point me to somewhere 
> in the docs where it mentions how to do this?

I meant the command "commands" which allows you to specify the
commands executed when a breakpoint is hit.  Those commands can
include setting a breakpoint at another location.

> > > Along the same lines, is it then possible to create a condition that
> > > references a variable outside the local scope?
> >
> > AFAIK, only if it has global scope in its file.  You can use the
> > FILE:VARIABLE syntax.
> Ah, ok. So it is not possible to reference a member of class A while being in 
> a method of class B? Also, it doesn't seem to allow me to reference a public 
> member of class A in a method of class A. Should it, or am I simply being 
> ignorant about something?

Please show sample code and the commands you were typing.  It's hard
to talk theoretically.

> > Btw, I'd be eager to know which ones of the answers above cannot be
> > found in the user's manual.  That will help us improve the docs.
> Well, i didn't see the links to the expressions section the first time around. 
> Sorry. However, it still didn't help. I'm still curious why the command :
> (gdb) break myfile_1.cpp:70 if ('myfile_1.cpp'::myvar == 4)
> gives :
> Junk at the end of arguments

Lose the parentheses, you don't need them.  If this isn't clear from
the manual, we should improve it.

> A way to improve the docs would be to give many (and diverse) examples of how 
> to set breakpoints. Maybe ranging from very simple to pretty complex 
> breakpoints. 

I think there are examples, but I will read that section again.

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