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RE: Multi process debugging using gdb - references?

> From: Fred Fish
> Sent: Monday, March 26, 2007 7:39 AM
> Also, any pointers/references to published papers on multi process
> debugging, other debuggers that implement multi process debugging
> (such as Totalview), works in progress, etc, would be appreciated.

Here are a couple.  Since the first reference is an abstract, and
the second is a survey, it might be best to follow up with the
authors, or to follow the references.  - Gary

Like Ygdrasil, the world tree of Norse mythology, the Grid promises to cover
the entire world, holding it together and feeding its inhabitants with data
and processing power. Serving this potentially huge number of processors
(1,000+) affects many software tools such as programming development tools,
performance enhancement tools and system administration tools. These tools
need to deal with massive amount of data created by the large number of
processes as well as be scalable. The data need to be condensed and
reorganized into useful information before it is presented to the user. We
present a modular aggregating network toolkit, which can be tailored to
almost any purpose involving reduction of data. The latter allows the user
to visualize as well as re-arrange the data to fit his need (integration
with statistical packages, visualization, etc.). The user can write his own
plug-ins that fit his needs and thereby instruct the network about what is
getting aggregated, how to aggregate the data (merge identical data, discard
data, etc.), as well as how to display the data in the user portal.

This memo provides information to the Grid community regarding program
development tools currently used by users developing programs on large scale
systems and on the Grid. In addition, this memo provides information
regarding what tools are needed in order to facilitate users' transition to
the Grid.

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