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Re: [PATCH][gdb/testsuite] Compile index-cache.c with -Wl,--build-id

On 6/21/19 4:54 PM, Tom de Vries wrote:
> On 21-06-19 17:47, Pedro Alves wrote:
>> On 6/21/19 4:27 PM, Tom de Vries wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> When building gdb using a combined gcc/binutils-gdb build and running
>>> gdb.base/index-cache.exp we get:
>>> ...
>>> FAIL: gdb.base/index-cache.exp: test_cache_enabled_miss: at least one file was created
>>> FAIL: gdb.base/index-cache.exp: test_cache_enabled_miss: couldn't get executable build id
>>> FAIL: gdb.base/index-cache.exp: test_cache_enabled_hit: check index-cache stats
>>> ...
>>> With "set debug index-cache on" we get:
>>> ...
>>> (gdb) file index-cache
>>> Reading symbols from index-cache...
>>> index cache: objfile index-cache has no build id
>>> ...
>>> The problem is that the vanilla toolchain does not add a build-id, which is
>>> required for the index-cache functionality.
>> What is "vanilla" here?  A non-combined gcc/build-gdb build?
>> Or is "combined gcc/build-gdb build" irrelevant here, and
>> "vanilla" means "no-distro-patches build"?
> The latter.

OK.  Please tweak the commit log in that direction then.

The fix LGTM too.

Pedro Alves

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