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Re: GDB 8.2.1 release -- 2018-11-06 status update

Hi Keith,

Thanks for jumping in!

> * gdb/23712 (dw2_add_symbol_to_list language assertion)
> We thought 23010 was fixed. To catch it more easily, the assertion reported
> in 23712 was added. The underlying problem  is compilations with LTO. GCC
> introduces an artificial compile unit with language C99 which imports DIEs
> of language C++, triggering the assertions.
> I have had a patch for this for weeks, but I am only now running through buildbot.
> While I have done extensive regression and performance testing with it (against
> firefox), it is by no means a trivial patch. Maintainers will have to 
> usability against the risk offered by including an "unproven" patch.

I've marked it for 8.2.1 to start. But what you are saying does not
sound good at all :-/, especially for a .1 release. Let's get the patch
in master to start, and go from there.

> * unfiled gdb bug (mentioned in 23010)
> There was also a related 23010 fix to xcoffread.c that might warrant
> inclusion.  I have only tested that the commit applies. I haven't
> tested it yet.
> commit b971899198607b844f5a37e39dc561766c3b331a
> Author: Sangamesh Mallayya <>
> Date:   Fri Oct 26 15:31:36 2018 +0530
>     Fix SYMBOL_LANGUAGE assertion failure on AIX.

No problem for me backporting this patch with a yet-to-be-created PR.


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