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Re: GDB 8.2.1 release -- 2018-11-06 status update

On 11/6/18 2:21 PM, Joel Brobecker wrote:
> Any other issues we should be considering? If yes, please let us know
> here. I we agree that an issue is blocking for 8.2.1, then we'll need
> a PR number describing the issue, and mark that PR with the 8.2.1 as
> the target milestone.

I would like to propose the following two bugs for inclusion in the point
release.  These are related to symtab/23010 (DICT_LANGUAGE != SYMBOL_LANGUAGE


* gdb/23712 (dw2_add_symbol_to_list language assertion)

We thought 23010 was fixed. To catch it more easily, the assertion reported
in 23712 was added. The underlying problem  is compilations with LTO. GCC
introduces an artificial compile unit with language C99 which imports DIEs
of language C++, triggering the assertions.

I have had a patch for this for weeks, but I am only now running through buildbot.
While I have done extensive regression and performance testing with it (against
firefox), it is by no means a trivial patch. Maintainers will have to 
usability against the risk offered by including an "unproven" patch.

* unfiled gdb bug (mentioned in 23010)

There was also a related 23010 fix to xcoffread.c that might warrant inclusion.
I have only tested that the commit applies. I haven't tested it yet.

commit b971899198607b844f5a37e39dc561766c3b331a
Author: Sangamesh Mallayya <>
Date:   Fri Oct 26 15:31:36 2018 +0530

    Fix SYMBOL_LANGUAGE assertion failure on AIX.

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