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Re: MinGW compilation warnings in libiberty's include/environ.h

On 05/20/2017 02:27 AM, DJ Delorie wrote:
> Pedro Alves <> writes:
>> That sounds to me like the root issue that should be fixed,
>> so that these fallback definitions don't come into into play at all.
>> I.e., why isn't HAVE_ENVIRON_DECL defined on mingw when
>> setenv.o is built?  Sounds like a decl check is missing
>> in
> environ is tricky because it's typically messy on platforms, unlike a
> standard C function.  You can't use a generic check if the macro expands
> to something that interferes with the check.

gnulib has a check, which I assume to be solid:;a=blob;f=m4/environ.m4

we could import just that bit, I suppose, though every client
of libiberty's environ.h would need to gain the same check.
That's be quite doable with the shared libiberty.m4 idea (we'd just
put the check there), but a nuisance if you have to copy the check all
over the place.  At this point it may be more worth it to
invest in finishing the previous use-gnulib-in-gcc effort instead.

Pedro Alves

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