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Re: [PATCH v2 0/7] Thread handle to thread info mapping


On Sat, 8 Apr 2017 22:49:59 -0700
Kevin Buettner <> wrote:

> This patch set introduces support for mapping thread handles to the
> thread_info structs which GDB uses to keep track of threads in the
> inferiors which it's debugging.  I need this in order to find the GDB
> thread which corresponds to a saved thread handle (e.g. pthread_t)
> within an implementation of a thread library built atop pthreads.
> The mechanism is general enough however to support other thread
> handle representations as well.
> Part 1 introduces a target method which maps a thread handle to
> the corresponding internal GDB thread object, i.e. something of type
> `struct thread_info *'.  An implementation of this new method is
> provided for the Linux thread target.  Additional work will be
> required, over time, for other thread targets.
> Part 2 adds a python interface for the mechanism introduced in part 1.
> Part 3 is a documentation patch.  It has been adjusted to address Eli's
> concerns in the earlier patch series.
> Part 4 adds a test case. I've extended this test case slightly from the
> patch in the earlier series.
> Part 5 is a bug fix for a problem discovered while working on part 6.
> Part 6 adds support for remote targets.
> Part 7 is a documentation patch for the remote protocol changes that
> were implemented in part 6.

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