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Re: [PATCH v2 2/2] Rearrange gdb/configure.nat to make it simpler and less redundant

On Tuesday, May 02, 2017 11:49:31 PM Sergio Durigan Junior wrote:
> The previous commit introduced gdb/configure.nat, but it was just a
> copy-and-past (with the necessary adjustments) from the files under
> gdb/config/.  We can do better than that.
> Instead of using one big 'case' statement that matches the
> ${gdb_host_cpu} and then match each ${gdb_host}, it is possible to
> remove a lof of redundancy by matching the most common ${gdb_host}'s
> first, setting the common variables for each, and then proceed to
> matching specific ${gdb_host}'s and ${gdb_host_cpu}'s.  In other
> words, reverse the order of the 'case's and take advantage of the fact
> that a lot of parameters are the same for each host.
> This commit was tested on x86_64 without regressions.

Thanks.  Just one minor nit that I see:
> +    fbsd)
> +	case ${gdb_host_cpu} in
> +	    i386)
> +		# Host: FreeBSD/i386
> +		NATDEPFILES="${NATDEPFILES} x86-nat.o x86-dregs.o \
> +		x86-bsd-nat.o i386-bsd-nat.o i386-fbsd-nat.o bsd-kvm.o"
> +		NAT_FILE='nm-fbsd.h'
> +		;;
> +	    mips)
> +		# Host: FreeBSD/mips
> +		NATDEPFILES="${NATDEPFILES} mips-fbsd-nat.o"

This seems redundant as it is set in the "global" fbsd section?

> +		;;

John Baldwin

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