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Re: [PATCH V2] Improve user experience in printing Fortran derived types.


Thanks for your review!

The idea is to have same look and fell as C/C++ code.
Only variables are displayed, not functions.
I based the patch in the C/C++ code, which is much younger.

Am 4/5/2016 um 1:46 PM schrieb Yao Qi:
Walfred Tedeschi <> writes:

+  int printed_field = 0; /* Number of fields printed.  */
    struct type *elttype;
    CORE_ADDR addr;
    int index;
@@ -375,15 +376,34 @@ f_val_print (struct type *type, const gdb_byte *valaddr, int embedded_offset,
        fprintf_filtered (stream, "( ");
        for (index = 0; index < TYPE_NFIELDS (type); index++)
-          int offset = TYPE_FIELD_BITPOS (type, index) / 8;
-          val_print (TYPE_FIELD_TYPE (type, index), valaddr,
-		     embedded_offset + offset,
-		     address, stream, recurse + 1,
-		     original_value, options, current_language);

-          if (index != TYPE_NFIELDS (type) - 1)
-            fputs_filtered (", ", stream);
-        }

Why don't we continue using this code above? so that do need to add

We need print_field due to the code below. There we discard function members.

+	  struct value *field =
+	    ((struct value *)original_value, index);

A space is needed after ")".

+	  struct type *field_type = check_typedef (TYPE_FIELD_TYPE (type, index));
+	  if (TYPE_CODE (field_type) != TYPE_CODE_FUNC)
+	    {

We didn't do this check before, why do we need this check now?

Here member functions, or methods of the derived type, are discarded.

Thanks and regards,
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