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Re: [PATCH 0/3] fortran: Enable arrays of structures with dynamic member types.

On 04/04/2016 12:50, Yao Qi wrote:
Bernhard Heckel <> writes:

This patch series enables the user to evaluate:
1. Local structures with dynamic member types.
2. Local arrays of structs with dynamic member types.
3. Dynamic arrays of structs with static and/or dynamic member types.
Looks these changes are user visible.  We may need a NEWS entry for
them.  How did you run the regression test?

gdb.fortran and gdb.cp
testsuite on those combinations:

gcc    icc
Red Hat 7.1, x86_64 4.8.3 16.0.1
Ubuntu 12.04 , x86_644.6.3 16.0.1
Fedora 22, x86_645.3.1

Complete gdb testsuite on those:
gcc icc
Fedora 21, i6864.9.2
Fedora 22, x86_645.1.1 16.0.1
Fedora 23, x86_645.3.1 16.0.1
Ubuntu 15.04, x64_644.9.2 16.0.1


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