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Re: [v2,2/2] Function attributes: use shorter versions of the format macros

On 12/11/2014 06:50 PM, Cleber Rosa wrote:
> glibc provides a wide range of function attributes that can help GCC during
> code compilation.
> One step further, glibc also provides in /usr/include/ansidecl.h a generic
> version of a macro called ATTRIBUTE_PRINTF, based on the format function
> attribute, and others that are more specific and shorter to write, read and
> grasp.

We have an ansidecl.h in gdb/../include/
that still says it's part of glibc, but the glibc copy AFAIK is long
gone.  Seems to have been removed in 1997:

    1997-06-13 10:06  Richard Henderson  <>
        * ansidecl.h: Removed.

I don't have a /usr/include/ansidecl.h in my F20 system, nor do I see
any ansidecl.h in the glibc sources.

I'd guess your /usr/include/ansidecl.h file is really our/gcc's file,
not glibc's.

> For consistency sake, let's use these shorter versions of those macros.

Consistency with?  You mean, consistency throughout?

> For more information:
> * /usr/include/ansidecl.h
> *
> gdb/ChangeLog:
> 	* ada-lang.c (lim_warning): use shorter versions of function attributes
> 	macros.

Uppercase "use".

> gdb/gdbserver/ChangeLog:
> 	* ax.c (ax_vdebug): use shorter versions of function attributes
> 	macros.


The patch itself looks fine to me (too).

Pedro Alves

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