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Re: [RFC] Run tests in sub dir of testsuite/

On 12/11/2014 03:17 AM, Yao Qi wrote:
> On 12/11/2014 11:05 AM, Doug Evans wrote:
>> Is there intended to be a followup patch to remove
>> all the makefiles in testsuite/ except testsuite/
>> [I realize this patch is just RFC.
>> I just want to understand where this is headed.]
> Yes, that is what I want to do in next step.
>> btw, while it might be cleaner to move gdb.log,gdb.sum into
>> the subdirs, it's not necessary.
>> I can update my build scripts, but if we're going
>> to be affecting a lot of build scripts then I'd
>> reconsider.
> I am fine to leave gdb.log and gdb.sum in testsuite/.  The reason I move
> them into testsuite/$OUTPUTSDIR/ is to make $OUTPUTSDIR self-contained.
>  Either way is fine to me, and I don't have a strong
> opinion on this.

I tend to think it's better to leave them be if there's no
real good reason to move them.

Note that "make clean" doesn't delete gdb.sum/gdb.log,
"make distclean" does.  If "make clean" is just going to be "rm -f $subdirs",
then to preserve that it seems simplest to keep gdb.sum and gdb.log out
of the subdirs.

(nit, on "sequential-tests"/"parallel-tests" -- it's the run, not the
tests that are sequential or parallel.  I'd suggest dropping
"-tests" from the dir names or use "-run", to avoid potential confusion.)

Pedro Alves

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