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Re: reject merges on gdb release branches?

On Thu, 23 Jan 2014, Eli Zaretskii wrote:

I think it's not the merging per se that is a problem, only if it is done
incorrectly, i.e. merging from a branch that was was broken off from
master a long time ago, which brings in a lot of unwanted stuff.

There's any number of ways one can make a mistake and screw up master.
That cannot be the reason for forcing a particular workflow on
everyone, certainly not before any such problems actually happened
even once.

And I don't understand your fear of unwanted stuff from a divergent
branch: what exactly is special about this situation?  Surely,
examining the diffs before committing and pushing would show what is
about to land on master, so where's the danger that doesn't exist in
any other commit?

I'm not trying to advocate one or the other, rather just trying to understand the reasoning behind the decision.

Personally I always check what I've got locally with gitk or other tool which provides an overview of what I'm about to push before I do it. I agree that there are more than one way to screw up a master, still, it would be prudent to gain from the experience of other similar projects even though nothing bad has happened with gdb yet (very likely owing to the fact that gdb has only been using git for a couple of months).

Again, I can understand that some people are accustomed to rebasing,
and I'm okay with that.  But I don't understand why something that is
essentially a matter of personal preferences is forced on everyone.

Ricard Wolf Wanderlöf                           ricardw(at)
Axis Communications AB, Lund, Sweden  
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