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Re: reject merges on gdb release branches?

On Wed, 22 Jan 2014, Eli Zaretskii wrote:

Note that a rebase, compared to a merge, is not that much more work,
and has the nice property of keeping the history linear.

Rebasing loses information (e.g., if I merged from master several
times during my work).  And I don't really see the downsides of
merging to master.

I think it's not the merging per se that is a problem, only if it is done incorrectly, i.e. merging from a branch that was was broken off from master a long time ago, which brings in a lot of unwanted stuff. Unfortunately it is all too easy to do that by mistake, especially if one doesn't use git on a regular basis.

Loosing information about merges from master during a rebase I don't think is too much of an issue. Once the branch has been rebased to master, any merges from master would have occurred in the past anyway.

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