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Re: Three weeks to branching (gdb 7.5 release)

On Mon, 11 Jun 2012, Joel Brobecker wrote:

> >  I do understand the importance of the issues concerned by Jan of course, 
> > but I also feel like deferring the MIPS stuff for a month and likely more 
> > is going to get me distracted too much by something else,
> Yeah, if the branch continues to be delayed much, we should go ahead
> with your changes, and adjust if some regressions are found.

 I think that if the outstanding issues have not been resolved by your 
deadline early next month, then perhaps it would make sense to branch 
anyway and let other development continue while the issues are being 
addressed on the branch (and ported to trunk as applicable).  What do you 
think?  Would it make things easier?  What's the usual practice?  At least 
this approach seems to work for binutils.

> > so given the circumstances may I kindly ask people to have a look into
> > my proposal and request for discussion about the generic parts of the
> > ISA bit changes as posted here:
> > 
> >
> I will try myself, but may not be the best reviewer.

 I appreciate that, what can I do to make the review easier for you?

 I saw your replies, thanks.  I have been swamped with other stuff today 
and I am too tired already for my brain to produce any useful output, I'll 
try to follow up tomorrow.


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