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Re: Three weeks to branching (gdb 7.5 release)

On Wed, 30 May 2012, Joel Brobecker wrote:

> > [Jan] Fix gdb.cp/gdb2495.exp regression with gcc-4.7
> > 1/2
> > 2/2 
> >  - This is not a regression of GDB itself but it is a regression of the whole
> >    GNU toolchain.  There is missing some protection against stale breakpoints
> >    on stack (ON_STACK) after longjmps/throws (I do not remember it much now).
> >    I use in Fedora these patches.
> > 
> > [Jan] workaround stale frame_info * ( )
> > 
> >  - some proper fix will almost sure not get into 7.5 so maybe to fix "finish"
> >    crashes the workaround could be even applied for FSF GDB HEAD?
> >    I use in Fedora this workaround.
> Thanks for the heads up, Jan. Looks like me might want to delay
> the branch. I can't remember that Doug said he was done on his end.
> There is no real hurry until the end of the month. After that,
> my schedule gets really tight again, pretty much until mid-september.
> I still expect to be able to make the branch, and possibly produce
> the release, but I might not be able to push for regular updates
> the way I like to do...

 Ouch, that's a tad inconvenient to me, I had hoped for the branch to have 
been made so that the MIPS changes I'm working on right now can be safely 
applied to trunk without the risk of disturbing the upcoming release.  
That includes the floating-point changes currently on my plate -- these 
already published and some more stuff still ongoing.  Plus the ISA bit 

 I do understand the importance of the issues concerned by Jan of course, 
but I also feel like deferring the MIPS stuff for a month and likely more 
is going to get me distracted too much by something else, so given the 
circumstances may I kindly ask people to have a look into my proposal and 
request for discussion about the generic parts of the ISA bit changes as 
posted here:

(of course any comments about the MIPS parts are welcome as well, but 
these bits I am pretty much confident about).

 While this is still possibly too brave a change to be included in 7.5 at 
such a short notice, I think it will make sense to start the discussion 
now rather than later, so that it won't be another month after 7.5 has 
branched before it can finally go in.  Thanks!


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