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Re: [RFA] Add interface for registering JITed code

On Fri, Jul 31, 2009 at 8:01 AM, Thiago Jung
Bauermann<> wrote:

>> If/when someone wants to add another scripting language to GDB, we will be
>> bitten by this issue. I can see that happening already. :-)
> I still think this will happen soon enough ...

If I understand correctly what you mean, you aren't worried about adding a
new scripting language to GDB (as in, embed 'Tcl' in addition to 'Python'
into GDB), but rather about debugging inferior with two (or more) separate
JITters in it.

If I understand the patch, proposed GDB/JIT interface allows this: there
could be several (local) "__jit_debug_register_code" symbols in a
statically-linked executable, and several (possibly global)
"__jit_debug_register_code" symbols if JITters are in separate shared libs.

When this situation arises, GDB could be fixed to set a breakpoint on all
such symbols, and read data from all "__jit_debug_descriptor" symbols.

Once that's done, debugging inferior with multiple JITters will "Just

What did I miss?

Paul Pluzhnikov

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