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Re: i386.record.floating.point.patch : with more testing and assurity

Hi All,

I have worked on formatting part of the patch as per Michael and Hui's comments.

there is one problem I have been observing.
when I edit with emac and make everything correct....
still the command 'diff -bwEurN' gives some unaligned formatting at some lines.

but now things are much improved as far as far as formatting is concerned.

please find the files attached.

1) i386-tdep.c : this looks perfectly okay as per comments and formatting as per open source standard.
2) i386-tdep.orig.c : original file.
3) patch : when you edit this patch it has still some formatting problem
, but when you apply on linux, the resulting file looks okay.

please extract the attached package, you will find above contents

when I take the patch on windows and try to mail,
again format changes....and I have no clue (I tried to remove tabs, dos2unix etc....)
but still it is the same....

please help. 
(please try take difference with attached files and see the 'diff' result, it is strange, if you take the patch on windows it gets even more worse with formatting)

please let me know where and how can I take the difference between new and original file (attached with mail)....



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