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Re: How to fix solib path name?

On Wednesday 08 July 2009 18:15:05, Aleksandar Ristovski wrote:
> Finally, we don't have the issue of fwd/backward slashes, 
> but I think it could be fixed in Danny's case by configuring 

Defines/macros influencing GDB's view of the *target* are bad (TM).  :-/

> or by taking care  
> of it in find_and_open_solib.

Windows targets use solib-target.c, pretty much agnostic
of Windows, really.

CE's version of explorer doesn't allow creating files with
'/' slashes --- it claims it's an invalid character for a filename.
Not so sure if it's allowed at the filesystem or win32 api
levels though.  We could just punt and make gdbserver do the
translation.  We already do it when creating a
process (win32-low.c:create_process).

BTW, IIRC, CE doesn't have notion of drive letters either ("c:", "d:"), it
has a single rooted filesystem.  Yay for something MSFT did right!

Then there's case sensitivity as well (which could be considered
a filesystem, not target property) ...  I hope that the OS is
reporting the filename exactly as as seen on the filesystem --- which
is what I've been seeing so far.  I think that with other Windows
versions we have a problem here.

Pedro Alves

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