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Re: How to fix solib path name?

On Wednesday 08 July 2009 16:31:13, Danny Backx wrote:
> > Maybe we can make gdbserver smarter even on CE < 6? ?I think I
> > remember that if you had toolhelp.dll on the device, you'd get
> > absolute paths, but I'm not sure if that's a valid memory I have.
> > 
> I've added one printf statement to gdbserver/server.c just after where
> it assembles the library name list.
> Output on the infamous C++ hello2.exe below. Two out of the three are
> absolute path names. Not sure why the other one isn't.

Heh.  That's the same dll you have issues with when reading
it's filename, and also the one where you have that test app
crashing, isn't it?  :-)  Where (which dir) in the device is
it located?  Does it change anything if you put it next to
the others, in case it isn't already?

> Is it best to adapt gdbserver for this ?

I don't know what you mean by adapt here.  The point of absolute
pathnames is that you can have more than one dll with the
same name around, so gdb doesn't have to guess which is which.
Why not just use "set sysroot"?

Pedro Alves

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