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Re: [rfc][2/2] add suport for 64-bit fpscr in gdbserver for powerpc linux

This one is in gdbserver, which I have very rarely touched, bug given
the age of your patch, I decided to take a look.

> 2008-09-14  Thiago Jung Bauermann  <>
> gdb/
> 	* features/Makefile (rs6000/powerpc-isa205-32l-expedite,
> 	rs6000/powerpc-isa205-altivec32l-expedite,
> 	powerpc-isa205-vsx32l-expedite, rs6000/powerpc-isa205-64l-expedite,
> 	rs6000/powerpc-isa205-altivec64l-expedite,
> 	powerpc-isa205-vsx64l-expedite): New variables.
> 	* regformats/rs6000/powerpc-isa205-32l.dat: Generate.
> 	* regformats/rs6000/powerpc-isa205-altivec32l.dat: Generate.
> 	* regformats/rs6000/powerpc-isa205-vsx32l.dat: Generate.
> 	* regformats/rs6000/powerpc-isa205-64l.dat: Generate.
> 	* regformats/rs6000/powerpc-isa205-altivec64l.dat: Generate.
> 	* regformats/rs6000/powerpc-isa205-vsx64l.dat: Generate.
> gdbserver/
> 	* (powerpc-isa205-32l.o, powerpc-isa205-32l.c,
> 	powerpc-isa205-altivec32l.o, powerpc-isa205-altivec32l.c,
> 	powerpc-isa205-vsx32l.o, powerpc-isa205-vsx32l.c,
> 	powerpc-isa205-64l.o, powerpc-isa205-64l.c,
> 	powerpc-isa205-altivec64l.o, powerpc-isa205-altivec64l.c,
> 	powerpc-isa205-vsx64l.o, powerpc-isa205-vsx64l.c): New targets.
> 	* configure.srv (powerpc*-*-linux*): Add ISA 2.05 object files and
> 	XML target descriptions.
> 	* linux-ppc-low.c (ppc_arch_setup): Init registers with 64-bit FPSCR
> 	when inferior is running on an ISA 2.05 or later processor.  Add
> 	special case to return offset for full 64-bit slot of FPSCR when
> 	in 32-bits.

Everything looks sane to me, and consistent with the rest of the code.
So give it a few more days, and commit at the same time you commit the
associated GDB part.



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