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Re: [RFA] Process record and replay, 10/10

> Date: Sat, 8 Nov 2008 12:39:44 +0800
> From: teawater <>
> Cc:
> >> +@chapter Recording programs running message and replay it
> >
> > I don't understand this phrase.  What did you want to say? what does
> > the word "message" have to do with this feature?
> What about "Recording inferior execute log and replay it"?

If this is the intent, then I suggest simply

  Recording inferior's execution and replaying it

(The fact that you record execution log is an implementation detail,
and certainly does not need to be stated in the chapter's name.)

> > Is the command "target record" or just "record"? or is the latter an
> > alias of the former?  We need to explain all this in the manual,
> > because the @item says "target record", while in the last sentence
> > above you say that the command is "record"
> "target record" is the real command.
> "record" is a command call "target record". I want it to be the alias
> of "target record"
> "rec" is a alias of "record".

The aliases should be described in the manual.

> What about change "@code{record}" to "@code{target record}"?

Fine with me.

> > By the way, I think we need a NEWS entry for this feature.
> >
> What about add this:
> * Process record and replay
>   Record inferior execute log and replay it.

OK, but I think at least one or two more sentences describing the
feature would be nice.

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