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Re: [PATCH 1/4] 'catch syscall' feature -- Architecture-independent part

Hi Tom :-),

On Wed, 2008-11-05 at 12:04 -0700, Tom Tromey wrote:
> >>>>> "Tom" == Tom Tromey <> writes:
> Tom> However, as with the 'thread' (and Ada 'task') qualifier, the best
> Tom> approach depends a bit on the underlying OS' capabilities.  That is,
> Tom> if there is a ptrace-like thing that handles the condition checking in
> Tom> the kernel, then it would be nice to expose that, instead of doing the
> Tom> check in gdb.  I will try to find out if this is a planned froggy
> Tom> feature.
> I asked, and apparently this is already in froggy.  The filtering is
> implemented kernel-side.
> So, I would like it if this part were changed as I suggested
> up-thread.  We're starting to look at porting gdb to froggy and it
> would be nice to have this in place from the beginning.

Hmm, ok. So please, disconsider my last e-mail (where I say that I think
things are OK for now). I'll implement this as you asked.


Sérgio Durigan Júnior
Linux on Power Toolchain - Software Engineer
Linux Technology Center - LTC
IBM Brazil

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