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Re: [PATCH 1/4] 'catch syscall' feature -- Architecture-independent part

>>>>> "Thiago" == Thiago Jung Bauermann <> writes:

Thiago> I think a better analogy is a breakpoint with a
Thiago> condition. Ideally, I think you would do that by setting a
Thiago> catchpoint for all syscalls (which SÃrgio's patch supports)
Thiago> and then put conditions to tell which syscalls you are
Thiago> interested in. At least for me, it sounds more natural.

Thiago> Except that there's no way to do that. :-) Perhaps we could create a
Thiago> convenience function which would return the syscall name?

I think that would satisfy me for time being.  If we're going that
route, then as far as I'm concerned it can even be deferred until we
wire up the Python bits in this area.

However, as with the 'thread' (and Ada 'task') qualifier, the best
approach depends a bit on the underlying OS' capabilities.  That is,
if there is a ptrace-like thing that handles the condition checking in
the kernel, then it would be nice to expose that, instead of doing the
check in gdb.  I will try to find out if this is a planned froggy


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