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[RFC] gnulib (was: Re: [RFA] lmemmem.patch)

On Sun, Mar 30, 2008 at 05:35:40PM -0400, Daniel Jacobowitz wrote:
> Here you go.  How does this look?  It frees us to rely on gnulib's
> stdint.h, string.h, and other useful modules should we want them.  I
> didn't make gdbserver completely use gnulib, only build memmem; I
> tested this on Linux (memmem present) and Windows (memmem missing).
> GDB will use the included memmem even on Linux, since glibc's is known
> to be slower.

A word of explanation is probably called for, since there wasn't much

GDB runs on many platforms.  This calls for a certain amount of
portability goop to overcome their different limitations.  Right now,
this is handled mostly in libiberty.  One exception is gdb_stdint.h, which
comes from a macro in config.

A recent development on the portability scene is gnulib:
There's an explanation of it on that page.  In summary, it's a
collection of source files and a script that can automatically copy
the necessary ones into your project or update existing copies
(gnulib-tool).  It's much larger and more active than libiberty
and it has both portability and general utility routines, e.g.
checksum algorithms and Unicode support.

Two other things I would like to use it for are stdint.h and
automatic line wrapping in error messages.

Daniel Jacobowitz

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