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RE: [RFA] Avoid error/prompt reversal for mingw

> We have spent a lot of time over the last few months getting the
> testsuite to run on mingw.  A mingw-built GDB does not work well
> with a Cygwin expect.  The flush is actually a symptom of a larger
> problem: isatty returns false when running in expect, but the
> testsuite is written as if it runs on a terminal.

  But this problem arises both for cygwin and mingw,
and nevertheless, I never saw the output reversed in Cygwin GDB.
  Cygwin tests are not very reliable either :(
I often get freezes while running the testsuite.
I could not get a single testsuite to complete on
a windows 2000 machine, while Windows XP
only freezes when I try to run several testsuite 
with different patches...

> We've got a couple of patches.  Some of them we can submit because
> they're only moderately ugly, but others are just horrible.  Can you
> test a Cygwin-built GDB instead?  It's a lot easier, it works a lot
> better, and it tests more or less the same code.

  I would really be interested in getting the mingw version
to work as well as the Cygwin, on reason being that I
would really prefer to be able to use a GDB library without 
cygwin DLL to integrate into my Free Pascal IDE...
  I would also like to be able to test the DJGPP version...
(I have a predilection for old stuff...)

> I can try to separate out the postable patches later this week if
> you'd like.

  Other that the one mentioned here, I have mainly :

1) a patch that uses cygpath to translate cygwin pathes into 
something that Mingw GDB understands, 
2)a "one line" patch to swallow the "cYg" warnings
in win32-nat.c 
3) added
set CC_FOR_TARGET "gcc -mno-cygwin"
to site.exp file in gdb/testsuite

 One other really annoying thing after is the
Dos/Unix line ending stuff...
Only a small part of the testsuite
copes correctly with that...

Should I conclude from your remarks that
my patch is not likely to get an approval?

Pierre Muller
Pascal language support maintainer for GDB

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