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Re: [RFC] Strings and arrays without malloc

>>>>> "Daniel" == Daniel Jacobowitz <> writes:

Daniel> This patch allows a number of expressions to work without
Daniel> having to call malloc.


First a comment on your patch: in case it matters, I think it is fine
as is.

I applied this and then my convenience function patch on top of it.
Then, it was trivial to extend that to allow string-valued "show":

(gdb) p $(show lang)
$1 = "auto; currently c"

I started adding regex support, then thought to take a moment to think
about what functions I would really like to have.

Of course, this list turned out to be basically everything -- access
to all the attributes of breakpoints, watchpoints, frames, utility
commands, etc.  It is pretty daunting, but of course fun in a way.

In the end I think it would be preferable to just use Python for all
this stuff.  That way all the access code only needs to be done once.
IMO the $(...) syntax should simply eval the contents as a Python

let me know what you think,

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