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Re: [rfc] Replace x86 register macros

Mark Kettenis schrieb:
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2008 13:13:03 +0100 (CET)
From: "Ulrich Weigand" <>

Markus Deuling wrote:

Thanks for review, I reworked the patch now. Ok to commit?
+#define I387_FCTRL_REGNUM(tdep) (I387_ST0_REGNUM(tdep) + 8)
+#define I387_FSTAT_REGNUM(tdep) (I387_FCTRL_REGNUM(tdep)+ 1)
+#define I387_FTAG_REGNUM(tdep)  (I387_FCTRL_REGNUM(tdep)+ 2)
+#define I387_FISEG_REGNUM(tdep) (I387_FCTRL_REGNUM(tdep)+ 3)
+#define I387_FIOFF_REGNUM(tdep) (I387_FCTRL_REGNUM(tdep)+ 4)
+#define I387_FOSEG_REGNUM(tdep) (I387_FCTRL_REGNUM(tdep)+ 5)
+#define I387_FOOFF_REGNUM(tdep) (I387_FCTRL_REGNUM(tdep)+ 6)
+#define I387_FOP_REGNUM(tdep)   (I387_FCTRL_REGNUM(tdep)+ 7)
+#define I387_XMM0_REGNUM(tdep)  (I387_ST0_REGNUM(tdep)+ 16)
+#define I387_MXCSR_REGNUM(tdep) (I387_XMM0_REGNUM(tdep) \
++ I387_NUM_XMM_REGS(tdep))
I guess I should have been more specific about the formatting;
this is unfortunately still not quite right: On the right-hand
sides, you should use normal whitespace rules, i.e. spaces before
the '(' and '+'. Also, the last line should be properly indented, somthing like:

#define I387_MXCSR_REGNUM(tdep) (I387_XMM0_REGNUM (tdep) \
				 + I387_NUM_XMM_REGS (tdep))

Or better yet, something like:

#define I387_MXCSR_REGNUM(tdep) \
  (I387_XMM0_REGNUM (tdep) + I387_NUM_XMM_REGS (tdep))

Thank you. I've committed a corrected version now.


 Markus Deuling
 GNU Toolchain for Linux on Cell BE

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