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[cagney_framefunc-20030403-branch] Half working frame ID eq

[commit/hpux] Obsolete some definitions only used for hppa-pro

[commit/multiarch/hpux] hppa32 is now partially multiarched

[commit/multiarch/hpux] Move some macros from hppa to hppa64

[commit] 32 bit MIPS fixes for dummy frames

[commit] Allow more macros when partial

[commit] d10v cleanups, add FRAME_OBSTACK_CALLOC

[commit] d10v set's frame ID . code_addr to func

[commit] Delete EXTRA_FRAME_INFO from .c code

[commit] Delete WFI's prev_func_start

[commit] Don't even set tm_print_insn in d10v

[commit] Eliminate "rc" from call_function_from_hand

[commit] Eliminate FRAME_FIND_SAVED_REGS

[commit] Fix arm tipo

[commit] frame ID cleanup

[commit] Frame ID cleanups

[commit] frame_chain_invalid() -> legacy_frame_chain_invalid()

[commit] gdb.mi/gdb792 is C++ only

[commit] Give the d10v a constant frame ID . base

[commit] infcall.c cleanup - explict bp_addr variable

[commit] Initialize the sentinel frame's ID.

[commit] Localize some call_function_by_hand variables

[commit] Make "struct frame_info" opaque

[commit] Make gdb_print_host_addr() pointer const

[commit] Move DUMMY_WORD code to where it is used

[commit] Move legacy prev->next = ... earlier

[commit] remove obsolete code in tm-hppa.h

[commit] Remove obsolete SOFT_FLOAT macro

[commit] Restore valops.c:param_type assignment, lost 2002-06-14

[commit] Revamp `set debug frame 1'

[commit] Simplify call_function_by_hand indentation

[commit] testsuite FAIL message cleanups

[commit] Use NUM_REGS in reggroups.c

[dejagnu patch] tweak conditional_xfail empty 'includes' listbehaviour

[dictionary] handle 'operator' in more places

[dictionary] merge with mainline

[dictionary] move stuff from cp-support.c to cp-namespace.c


[frameaddr-20030403-branch] Merge with mainline

[frameaddr-branch] Revert one frame_id_eq()

[i386newframe/PATCH] New i386newframe branch

[just for the record]: Detect end-of-stack on S/390

[just for the record]: new prologue analyzer for S/390

[mips sim]: Fix handling of unsigned muls in vr.igen

[ob] ->frame and ->pc fixes for HP/UX

[ob] Another get_frame_pc()

[ob] Delete dead mips code

[ob] Delete double_to_i386


[ob] Fix objc-lang.c ari problems

[ob] Fix opaque frame for powerpc-gnu/linux

[ob] i386 tweak

[ob] Zap/fix dead macros

[obish] Add all the missing opaque declarations

[obish] fix solaris 8 sparc-tdep.c compile problem

[obish] s/->pc/get_frame_pc/

Re: [offbyone RFC] Merge i386newframe

[patch rfc] Add the frame's type to the unwinder

[patch rfc] Always disassemble the target

[patch rfc] Deprecate extract_floating() and store_floating()

[patch rfc] Deprecate SAVED_PC_AFTER_CALL

[patch rfc] Deprecate TARGET_READ_FP, read_fp and FP_REGNUM

[patch rfc] Deprecate tm_print_insn

[patch rfc] Deprecate tm_print_insn_info

[patch rfc] Eliminate frame->frame

[patch rfc] Eliminate frame->pc

[patch rfc] Fix frame_id_eq()

[patch rfc] get_frame_func() / frame_func_unwind()

[patch rfc] Lazy compute the frame's type

[patch rfc] Make GDB's xmalloc match liberties

[patch rfc] Make SAVED_PC_AFTER_CALL optional. Deprecate?

[patch rfc] Merge call_function_by_hand & run_stack_dummy; move toinfcall.c?

[patch rfc] New file "infcall.c" containing a merged call_function_by_hand

[patch rfc] Obsolete mips*-*-mach3*

[patch rfc] Obsolete sequent family

[patch rfc] Obsolete SPARClet and SPARClite

Re: [patch rfc] Per-frame frame-base

Re: [patch rfc] Provide default dummy values for ...

Re: [patch rfc] push_dummy_call return a frame ID; eliminate needfor read_fp

[patch rfc] push_dummy_call return a frame ID; eliminate need forread_fp

Re: [patch rfc] push_dummy_call return a frame ID;eliminate need for read_fp

Re: [patch rfc] Rationalize CALL_DUMMY_BREAKPOINT_OFFSET

[patch-2] i386-nto (QNX Neutrino) support

[PATCH/RFA] h8300 sim: add daa and das insns

[PATCH/RFA] h8300-elf-sim: shift and carry flag

[PATCH/RFC] charset.c/charset.exp/doco updates

[PATCH] new support for PPC64 architecture

[patch] add testsuite/gdb.c++/maint.exp to fnchange.lst

[PATCH] Cleanup core-regset.c

[PATCH] Cosmetic changes to i386-tdep.c

[PATCH] disassembly fixes

[PATCH] Eliminate gdb_print_insn_x86_64

[PATCH] Eliminate more x86-64 cruft

[PATCH] Eliminate x86_64_breakpoint_from_pc

[PATCH] Fix i386 check for availability of FP registers

[PATCH] Fix i386_get_longjmp_target

[PATCH] gcore command script

[PATCH] Get rid of i386_frame_num_args

[PATCH] h8300-elf-sim: ldc/stc instructions

Re: [PATCH] Handle ObjC OPS in eval.c

[patch] i386-nto (QNX Neutrino) support

Re: [PATCH] mi-symbol-*

[PATCH] MIPS: Consolidate printing of floating point registers

Re: [PATCH] MIPS: Consolidate printing of floating pointregisters

[PATCH] Rename mmx_regnum_to_fp_regnum

[PATCH] rename stop_soon_quietly

[PATCH] rs6000-tdep.c: Change sizeof(long double) for SysV ABI

[PATCH] rs6000-tdep.c: Fix regnum for R0 is 0 assumption

[PATCH] rs6000-tdep.c: Reenable debugging of 64-bit AIX executables

[PATCH] s390-nat.c includes

[PATCH] solib-svr4.c: Warn if no shared library support

Re: [PATCH] x86-64 fixes

[PATCH]: Demangle ObjC Symbols

[PATCH]: Include valprint.h for externs

[PATCH]: Replace DEPRECIATED_SYMBOL_NAME in objc-lang.c

[PATCH]: Some i386-linux-nat.c fixes

[PING/RFA]: Search for Objc Symbols

Re: [RFA/doco] Adjust the normal_stop observer documentation

Re: [RFA/DWARF2] Fallback unknown language to C

Re: [RFA/PATCH] Behavior of gdb with -fullname and -interpreter=mi

Re: [RFA/ping] new GDB/MI command: -symbol-info-linetable

[RFA/TESTSUITE] annota1.exp fixes

[RFA/TESTSUITE] attach.exp

[RFA/TESTSUITE] build schedlock.c on 64-bit platforms

[RFA/TESTSUITE] completion.exp info func

[RFA/TESTSUITE] pthread.exp

[RFA/testsuite] test hand function call in commands list

[RFA] Add missing struct gdbarch opaque def to frame.h

Re: [rfa] annotate blocks with C++ namespace information

Re: [RFA] Compile objc-lang.c, [1/5]

[RFA] cp-valprint.c::cp_print_class_method(): Use actual type in call to unpack_pointer

[RFA] dwarf2expr.c: Fix some stack [re]allocation problems

[RFA] dwarf2expr.c: Prepare for eventual DW_OP_piece support

[RFA] dwarf2loc.c: Add missing DWARF2_REG_TO_REGNUM call

[rfa] Eliminate EXTRA_FRAME_INFO doco

Re: [rfa] fix pr java/1039

[RFA] fix redeclaration error flagged by cvs gcc

[RFA] h8300-sim: detect exit

[RFA] handling of 'operator' in cp_find_first_component

[RFA] i386-tdep.c: Remove call to inside_entry_file

Re: [RFA] MIPS: Add mappings for HI and LO registers

Re: [RFA] new GDB/MI command: -symbol-info-linetable

Re: [RFA] Remove calls to inside_entry_file

[RFA] sim/common makefile

[rfa] struct dictionary

[rfa] teach lookup_symbol about namespace scope

[RFA] test tweaks for h8300s disasm

[RFA] values.c: don't fetch func void return value

[RFA] varobj: call CHECK_TYPEDEF

Re: [RFA]: Fix testsuite/gdb.base/break.exp when test compiled with -DPROTOTYPES

Re: [RFA]: Fix testsuite/gdb.base/break.exp when test compiled with-DPROTOTYPES

[RFA]: ObjC Documentation

Re: [rfc breakpoint] Catch exceptions

[RFC/TESTSUITE] completion.exp

[RFC] gdb.base/args.exp: Invoke gdb_load for simulator targets

[RFC] missing #include in frame.h?

Re: [RFC] PTRACE_ATTACH problem on new Linux kernels

[RFC] Trivialize objc-lang.c FETCH_ARGUMENT

[RFC]: Link in objc-lang.o

[wip] Delete prev_func_name and ecs->stop_func_name

Re: Adding -file-list-exec-source-file command to GDB/MI

ARM PATCH Tweak malloc usage

ARM sim speedup

ARM simulator testsuite

bogus changelog for 2003-02-28 sim/mips patch?

Re: build/955: build failure with GDB-5.3: sparc-nat.c structure redefinition errors with sparc64-linux, glibc-2.2.x

crasher in dwarf2loc.c

frame_pop(); Was: [commit] 32 bit MIPS fixes for dummy frames

gdb 5.3 problem in ARM simulator

Re: h8/300 sim tests

libtool fix for mips64-linux-gnu

Opaque `struct frame_info' flag day 2003-04-12

re-ordered i386 regcache

patch for printing 64-bit values in i386 registers; STABS format

PATCH: Add type_sprint() function to return type in string form

PATCH: Fix gdb build failure

Re: PATCH: Remove ancient GNU catch catch/catch throw support

PATCH: restore accidentally deleted call

PING: ObjC Testsuite

RAV AntiVirus scan results

Recent breakage -- disassemble

Remove toplevel build subdir in make distclean

Re: RFA/dwarf: Fix the GCC 2.95.3 store.exp regression for multi-register variables

RFA/RFC: dump symtab and psymtab lists

Re: RFA/testsuite: Make signals test more specific

RFA: add SuperH references for SH4, replace Renesas with SuperH for SH5

RFA: asm-source.exp: use switch instead of if chain

RFA: fix for thread events in thread-db.c

RFA: patch

Re: RFA: Location list support for DWARF-2

RFA: match source code, not line numbers

RFA: nptl threading support for linux-dp.exp

RFA: nptl threading support for schedlock.exp

RFA: nptl threading support patches

RFA: report failure to restore selected frame, but continue

Re: RFA: tweak minsyms check for GNU v3 symbols

RFA: v850 simulator does not sign extend first operand to divh

RFC: Add support for s390x to asm-source.exp

Re: RFC: coffread.c relocation fixes

RFC: nptl threading patch for linux

RFC: S/390: provide frame_align function


Re: testsuite/1096: [RFA]: Fix testsuite/gdb.base/break.exp when test compiled with -DPROTOTYPES

Re: testsuite/1096: [RFA]: Fix testsuite/gdb.base/break.exp whentest compiled with -DPROTOTYPES

thread-db.c reindent patch checked in

Transepose Mitsubishi to Renesas for M32R processor.

use MIPS NewABI register names when disassembling NewABI code

Re: use MIPS NewABI register names when disassembling NewABIcode

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