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Re: Openldap 2.4.48-1 vs my company's pki

David Goldberg writes:
> Sorry, was away from work over the weekend. I just tested with openssl
> s_client and it works just fine.  Version is 1.1.1.  there is no self
> signed certificate. It's signed with the company pki rather than commercial
> and I've properly installed that chain.

Good.  Then, as I suggested before, the most likely culprit is some
configuration for openldap that points at a PKI location that is not
up-to-date or nonexisting.

> The problem send to be with the new build, at least the weird ldd
> output leads me to that conclusion. I'll try to find some time to
> build from source and see if it works.

I can't see how that would help or why you think the ldd output is
wierd.  There are exactly no changes to the new build vs. the old one
other than that it has of course picked up the new openssl as a depency
(that was the whole point of updating it) and I've removed some
changes to the tests that are not necessary for the current build

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