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Re: fish PATH problem

> On 08/10/2014 17:08, Dave Kilroy wrote:
> > On 08/10/2014 10:57, Andrew Schulman wrote:
> >>> On Wednesday, October 08, 2014 05:13:54 AM Andrew Schulman wrote:
> >>>> When I try to start fish directly from the Windows shell instead of
> >>>> from
> >>>> bash, I get a boatload of errors, like this:
> >>> I suggest you to read fish manual page, and find how to invoke fish
> >>> as login
> >>> shell. On bash and zsh, there is '-l' flag so that they behave with
> >>> fresh
> >>> environment variables.
> >> Doh! Right. Thanks.
> >>
> >>
> > Does that work. It seemed to have the same issue as noted in the
> > following thread
> > 
> > Dave.
> I've tested launcing `fish -l -i` from wincmd. A lot of errors shown.
> I think `fish` is not yet optimized to be `default shell` for cygwin.
> There are still more works to be done to make it usable as cygwin login
> shell.

Please try the updated fish 2.1.1 package I just posted, and see if it fixes those
problems for you.  Exit all running fish shells, then run:

tar -Jx -C/ -f fish-2.1.1-1.tar.xz

Then try starting fish as a login shell.

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