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ALT-ESC isn't implemented correctly in Cygwin X

I have two X apps running, such as an xterm window and emacs-X11.
One of them has the focus and is immediately in front of the other.

I press ALT-ESC to put the one in front behind all other windows.

The title-bar becomes highlighted on the app which now has the focus
as it should.

But I can still see text from the previous app SHOWING THROUGH the
window with the focus.  (This doesn't happen with non-X apps such as

CTRL-L has no effect.  The only way to fix it is to bring the original
window back to the front and dismiss it with some means other than
ALT-ESC, or to bring a non-X app in front of the problem area and then
dismiss it.

(Note that I used to use ALT-space N to minimize apps on both Windows
and Linux, but Microsoft broke it so that often-used apps don't go to
the end of the ALT-TAB queue any more.  That's EXTREMELY annoying, so
I trained myself to use ALT-ESC instead.  And I notice that Cygwin X
captures ALT-space anyway.)

-Ken Jackson

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