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Altgr+space doesn't print the expected character whe n using bash and bÃpo keyboard layout


I'm using Cygwin on Windows Seven 64bit, with the bÃpo keyboard layout
(  bÃpo is a keyboard layout optimized for
french users)

Using this layout, I can't write a '_' in bash.

bÃpo layout binds  '_' to the key sequence Ctrl+Alt+SPACE (or Altgr+SPACE).

All native windows applications understand this sequence, and print a '_'.

However, pressing Ctrl+Alt+SPACE (or Altgr+SPACE) when I'm at the bash
prompt doesn't print anything.

If I write directly to cat standard input (after typing 'cat' and
press return), then I get what looks like a space, but is a null
character (hexadecimal ascii code = 00)

With vi, in insertion mode, pressing Ctrl+Alt+SPACE (or Altgr+SPACE)
trigger this message: E29: No inserted text yet

However, other bÃpo bindings, including Altgr bindings,  works
seemlessly, and I can get all the characters, even no ascii and
accentuated characters.

It seems that the only key sequence encountering issue is
Ctrl+Alt+SPACE (or Altgr+SPACE).

Does cygwin or one of the underlying library handles this sequence in
a specific way?

Does someone has already encountered an issue with altgr+space binding
and know how to resolve it?

Best regards

Thomas LIMIN

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