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Re: Blue Screen after ejecting CD

On 2/13/2011 5:41 PM, Paul Maier wrote:

when I eject a CD or DVD from the drive, I get a blue screen.
Not always, but almost always.

Doesn't matter, if I use right click context menu to eject,
or if i use the eject button on the CD drive.

Before I've installed Cygwin, I didn't have this problem (for 3 years).

In cygcheck.out (attached) I found the following lines:

Potential app conflicts:
Sonic Solutions burning software containing DLA component
Detected: Named process.

What that means is that this software has shown itself in the past to be buggy and interfere with Cygwin's operation, not the other way around.

Blue screens occur because of buggy kernel or driver code.  The default
Cygwin installation doesn't provide any code like this and no Cygwin
installation enables any driver code by default.  It looks like you've
installed all Cygwin packages but unless you knowingly configured a Cygwin
package (ioperm for example) to enable a driver, Cygwin can't be the source
of the blue screens you've been experiencing.  You might take a look at
the Windows logs to see if they can give you more insight into the culprit.



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