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Re: How to make "ls" as quick as a Windows "dir"?

On 2/13/2011 6:40 PM, Paul Maier wrote:

Im Auftrag von Larry Hall (Cygwin)
Gesendet: Mittwoch, 9. Februar 2011 17:13

Perhaps it's time for a full problem report. See the link
below for
specifics on what should be in such a report.

Hi Larry,

plese find cygcheck.out attached in the mail I sent 1 minute ago named
"Blue Screen after ejecting CD".

(I replaced my username and PC-name with<USER> and<PCNAME> in the log.)

Thanks for looking into all this.

I see a couple of things that you could look at from this output.

First, there are the potential app conflicts.

Potential app conflicts:

  Sonic Solutions burning software containing DLA component
  Detected: Named process.

  ByteMobile laptop optimization client
  Detected: Named file.

I'd trying removing (uninstalling and rebooting) Sonic Solutions DLA.  If
that works, then you've found your problem.  You may be able to get partial
functionality back there by reinstalling but deactivating the DLA feature.  I
don't know for sure.  In any case, you should report this problem to the

Second, and I think most likely, is the ByteMobile stuff itself.  I expect
this is what you're using to connect to your mobile network, so I also expect
that removing it will solve your problem.  But then again, if I am right,
you won't be able to use the mobile network that allowed you to see the
problem in the first place so....  But it's probably worthwhile to report
the problem to that vendor as well.  It's listed on the BLODA list because
it's been reported as interfering with proper Cygwin operation before.

Third is the orphaned installation you have in "D:\Programme".  I doubt
this is a contributor but since it's an easy thing to clean up, it's worth
a shot.



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