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1.7.7: window cuts off output / saving output

I have a seemingly simple problem that I either haven't found the
answer to or I didn't understand the answer when I saw it. I presume
I'm not describing it with the correct terminology...

Short version:
In layman's terms, the Cygwin window cuts off at the top, and I'd like
to know if the output that's been cut off is forever lost or if I
might be able to save it to a file or view it some other way.

Long version:
Within a larger script, I copied over a thousand files from one server
to another using the following command:
cp -R -n -p -v "$package" "$destination" | tee -a "$destination"/copiedfiles.txt

However, several files failed to copy due to permissions issues/etc,
and the copiedfiles.txt file does not include the error information.
The onscreen output does include this information (due to using the -v
verbose option), however I can only scroll up to see about 300 lines
of information (surprise! I wasn't expecting this). My question is:
can I somehow access the output that was cut off?

In the Cygwin FAQ, there seem to be some references to limited memory
and increasing buffers, but I'm not sure I fully understand them.
Also, I have already run the script and the process has already been
printed to the screen. I'm hoping for a retroactive fix. Seems like a
simple issue, but I can't find anyone else talking about it!

Thanks for your help,

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