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Re: 1.7.7: window cuts off output / saving output

On 2/2/2011 10:13 AM, Rachel Trent wrote:
> I have a seemingly simple problem that I either haven't found the
> answer to or I didn't understand the answer when I saw it. I presume
> I'm not describing it with the correct terminology...
> Short version:
> In layman's terms, the Cygwin window cuts off at the top, and I'd like
> to know if the output that's been cut off is forever lost or if I
> might be able to save it to a file or view it some other way.

The exact solution for increasing your scrollback buffer is dependent
upon the terminal you're using.  If you're using mintty, you can find
the option in the Options dialog within the Window section.  If you're
using the Windows cmd terminal, and it sounds like you are, you can find
the option you need in the Properties dialog on the Layout tab.  Change
the height of the screen buffer to whatever you need.

All of that is just a quick hack though because you could always have
output that is longer than your scrollback buffer.  What follows is not
Cygwin-specific, but you don't seem to know about this stuff yet.

If you need to be sure to always have your command's complete output
available, you need to redirect its output to a file.  e.g.)

create_output --lots-of-it > out.log

If you would like to see the output as it goes by and still save it all,
pipe your command's output to the tee program and give tee the path to a
file as an argument into which the output will also be recorded.  e.g.)

create_output --lots-of-it | tee out.log

Now you can review out.log at your leisure using a text editor or a
simple pager.  You can also just send the output to a nice pager such as
less if you don't mind interacting with the pager a bit in order to let
your command complete.  e.g.)

create_output --lots-of-it | less


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