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Re: tinyfugue with python won't compile under cygwin (1.7.7) on Windows XP

On 22.10.2010 10:21, Gwen Morse wrote:

> Recap: I'm having trouble compiling tinyfuge, a mud client, under
> cygwin 1.7, with an add-on patch that allows the inclusion of a python
> library. I was getting some error messages, posted them here, and was
> told it was probably an issue with using "wprinttf" instead of
> "tf_wprinttf".

You don't have to replace wprintf with tf_wprintf in the source by hand.

The macro definition "#define wprintf tf_wprintf" is intended to avoid
a collision between the wprintf function definded in src/tfio.h and the
version defined in wchar.h by replacing the former with tf_wprintf and
leaving the latter untouched. At present, this does not work because
the macro is applied to both files. You can get rid of this problem
by including wchar.h in src/tfio.h *before* the macro is defined:

$ svn co svn://
$ cd tf-50b8-py
$ sed -i '29 s/.*/#include <wchar.h>/' src/tfio.h
$ ./configure
$ make


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