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Re: tinyfugue with python won't compile under cygwin (1.7.7) on Windows XP

On Fri, Oct 22, 2010 at 9:59 AM, Dirk Sondermann  wrote:
> On 22.10.2010 10:21, Gwen Morse wrote:
>> Recap: I'm having trouble compiling tinyfuge, a mud client, under
>> cygwin 1.7, with an add-on patch that allows the inclusion of a python
>> library. I was getting some error messages, posted them here, and was
>> told it was probably an issue with using "wprinttf" instead of
>> "tf_wprinttf".
> You don't have to replace wprintf with tf_wprintf in the source by hand.
> The macro definition "#define wprintf tf_wprintf" is intended to avoid
> a collision between the wprintf function definded in src/tfio.h and the
> version defined in wchar.h by replacing the former with tf_wprintf and
> leaving the latter untouched. At present, this does not work because
> the macro is applied to both files. You can get rid of this problem
> by including wchar.h in src/tfio.h *before* the macro is defined:
> $ svn co svn://
> $ cd tf-50b8-py
> $ sed -i '29 s/.*/#include <wchar.h>/' src/tfio.h
> $ ./configure
> $ make

This worked perfectly. Thank you!

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