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problem with sshd

For years, (and I do mean years), I've had sshd setup on my desktop
Vista box, and have been able to access it remotely with no problems at

I moved the box 1 year ago, and went from Brighthouse as an ISP to
Verizon.  Still worked fine.

I just moved it back home, back to Brighthouse, and now, I get a prompt
asking me for my password.

I enter the password I've used for the past few years, and am told
"Permission denied, please try again"

Now, is that the same message, in spirit, as "wrong password"?  Doesn't
seem that way to me.   Do I have some file/directory that has the wrong
permissions to allow me to logon?

I haven't explicitly changed anything, (that I know of :->  )

One thing I find interesting is that when I look in /etc/passwd, I don't
have an entry for myself.

Any ideas/help/suggestions on how to troubleshoot this problem?  I've
been logging onto my home box for the past several years, every day, to
save backups, look up email address/phone numbers, etc, and really rely
on being able to connect to it remotely.

It's not a firewall problem, but something in Cygwin setup.  If I boot
into Mandriva 10.0, I can ssh in without any problem at all.


Dave in Largo, FL

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