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Re: 1.7.3: Backspace key not working in GNU screen.

Corinna Vinschen:
> I think I see what you mean now. ÂThe c_cc[VERASE] value is the one
> which is expected for the VERASE functionality (unless it's set to
> 0 == _POSIX_VDISABLE), but it has nothing to do with the actual setting
> of the backspace key in the terminal. ÂSo, actually the key value should
> not be stored in c_cc[VERASE] at all, and it should not be possible to
> set the value returned by the backspace key via tcsetattr.

True, because someone might want to use a completely different key for
VERASE. The case I had in mind though was the user setting 'stty erase
^H', to get ^H as the backspace keycode, but then finding that it
would send ^? again when in screen, even though 'stty -a' would still
show ^H. Anyways ...

> So, what we really need to implement is what you proposed. ÂI prepared
> a patch, see below. ÂIt seems to work nicely and you can easily switch
> the backspace character now via the DECBKM escape codes.

Nice. The patch looks good to me, and I agree DECBKM is a better
solution than a CYGWIN option, because it's standard and because it
can be used in remote scripts.


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