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Re: 1.7.3: Backspace key not working in GNU screen.

On Sat, Apr 10, 2010 at 05:00:30PM +0100, Andy Koppe wrote:
>Christopher Faylor:
>>>Workarounds: Add 'set CYGWIN=tty' to Cygwin.bat (or wherever you're
>>>starting your session from), or use one of the other terminals.
>>If setting CYGWIN=tty affects the setting of the backspace key for ptys
>>then that's a bug in Cygwin.  ??You really should *not* be setting
>>CYGWIN=tty for applications like mintty, rxvt, xterm, ssh, screen,
>>etc., which use ptys.  ??Really.
>The issue only affects the specific case of 'screen' running in the
>console without 'tty' in the CYGWIN settings: the backspace key sends
>^@ instead of what's set in the console's stty settings.  Yes, I assume
>it's a Cygwin bug.

Since setting CYGWIN=tty is pretty much equivalent to running under a
pty I'd say that it could actually be a screen bug.

Regardless, I hate for this to become entrenched in Cygwin lore.
Setting CYGWIN=tty should not be viewed as a solution and I want to make
very sure that the archives reflect that.


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