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Re: abnormal exit: exit code=-1073741795

On 09/04/2010 14:52, Stephen Grant Brown wrote:

> I have two versions of cygwin setup on my computer. One is
> cygwin-legacy, the other is a install of the latest cygwin software.
> Both "bash.exe --version" and "cp --version"  when run from the latest
> cygwin return the above exit code and produce no output.
> cygwin-legacy runs normally.
> Please find attaached output from cygwin-legacy's "chkcheck -svr >
> cygwin.out"
> What does the above exit code mean?

  In hexadecimal, it's 0xC000001D, which is the NTSTATUS error code for
"STATUS_ILLEGAL_INSTRUCTION".  Cygwin 1.7 requires at least an i686 level cpu,
with full support for SSE/MMX; what processor do you have in your machine?  Is
it one of the limited Cyrix CPUs that don't support all the i686 feature set?

> How do I compile bash under cygwin?

  To recompile any existing Cygwin package, use setup.exe in "install from
internet" mode, and select the 'Src' checkbox next to the package you want.
That will download and install the sources, including any cygwin-specific
patches needed, into your /usr/src directory.

  What happens next depends on the package; some of them supply a shell script
(*.sh) that correctly unpacks, patches, configures and builds the sources;
other packages will come with a *.cygport script which is processed by the
"cygport" utility to perform the same set of tasks.  A few might come with no
build script of any kind at all, in which case the standard "./configure &&
make all && make install" technique should work.

> What is a good reference to learn c++?

  Hard to say, since it depends what style suits your personal learning
preferences best.  The obvious reference is Stroustrup's own book about it:


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