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Re: 1.7.1: Does 'chere' work with Vista 64b? Can't tell by me.

Lee D. Rothstein wrote:
>  > It's been a while since I've had to look at chere. Bottom line - there
>  > haven't been any previous reports of failures on Vista 64 bit (and I
>  > don't have a 64-bit system available to me).
> How many of these?:
>   * Vista, 64 bit
>   * Root not at c:\Cygwin
>   * Mintty is terminal
>   * Bash is shell
>   * Not in any way using 'Cygin.bat' as the "invoker"

Err, none? :)

There might be problems, but this is the first report I've seen.

>  > Can you provide the output of `chere -r`, and the chere command you've
>  > run most recently. That'll allow me to diagnose what it's tried to do.
> Attached!
> Since, I had uninstalled 'chere', I reinstalled it, Bash run as
> Administrator:
> $ chere -i -a -n -e "Mintty Bash" -t mintty -o \
>   "--icon=c:\_0\cygicons-hippo-vista-0.dll,10 -"

So chere has managed to set the keys, and read them back fine. What
happens when you run the following command in cmd (all one line)?

C:\_0\bin\mintty.exe --icon=c:\_0\cygicons-hippo-vista-0.dll,10 - -e
/bin/xhere /bin/bash.exe "c:\Program Files"

>  > Also, do you know where the " Shell defaulting to bash defined for lr"
>  > is coming from?
> The '-' at the end of the argument to '-o' tells 'mintty' to use
> the login shell. which for 'lr' is 'bash'. Since you seem to be
> implying that the quote is not coming from 'chere', I infer that
> somehow it's coming from 'mintty'? Perhaps, 'bash'?

No, that's me forgetting about a chere feature. If you don't specify a
shell it looks in passwd.

> Note that once again, the Windows menu item comes up:
> "cygwin_bash".
> If you're out of ideas, might you give me some clues to look for
> bad keys in the registry?

Check HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\Shell\cygwin_bash. It's value should
be the context menu item text, "Mintty Bash"

It should have one subkey, command, whose value is the command to run
"c:\_0\bin\mintty ...".

I'm at a loss - googling indicates the keys should work on Vista. In
particular the following page has comments listing the keys we use.
Do any of the other suggestions in the comments bring up the command
prompt for you?


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