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1.7.1 - Text editing doesn't work as Administrator in Win7 Pro x64


As a regular non-privileged user, I'm able to edit text files using
vi/vim/nano when inside the command prompt launched by "cygwin.bat".
However, when I launch "cygwin.bat" as an administrator there is no
text displayed for files in nano, and the directional keys in vi/vim
do not work; on pressing a direction key nothing happens and after
about one second the system bell sound is heared.

Through the use of Sysinternals Process Monitor, I think the problem
is related to cygwin, running as administor, being unable to create
certain files.  I've determined that, as administrator, vi/vim is
unable to create the necessary temporary swap files it needs in
C:\cygwin, and nano is unable to create the necessary .nanorc file it
needs in c:\cygwin.  I can provide the output from Process Monitor if

Does anyone know how I can resolve texting editing in cygwin 1.7.1
when it is run with administrator privileges, or how I can determine
why my current setup is broken?  Please let me know what additional
info I can give.


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